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Helping Your Loved One with Diabetes

As a caregiver of a loved one with diabetes, it may sometimes be hard to imagine what they are going through. Here are some practical things you can do to give them the best possible support.

Be a part of their lifestyle changes

When your loved one has diabetes, their dietary and exercise plans may need to be modified. To support them in meal-planning, you can find out the carbohydrate levels present in the foods your loved one enjoys, and research on ways to modify the recipes. You can even make the same lifestyle modifications as them. This allows them to feel supported or less isolated. For instance, your loved one may struggle with eating certain meals if they are not used to them. You can make meal times more enjoyable by having the same food.

Learn more about your loved one’s diabetes

Find out more about how your loved one is dealing with diabetes so you know how to support them. For instance, if you accompany your mother to the doctor, the doctor might recommend for her to test her blood sugar level before and after 1 exercising, and she might appreciate a reminder from you on this. Find out the specific care plan recommended for your loved one, and help them stick to it.

Find out more about the health risks associated with diabetes

Diabetes is linked to heart disease, stroke and other health complications. Read up on these risks  here . Start an open and honest conversation with your loved one and empower them to manage their risks.

Remember that no one can understand diabetes better than the person who lives with it. Take the time to listen to your loved one, and find out what they truly need from you as a caregiver. Show your sweetheart that they are not alone in this fight.

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